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What’s your inner cheese personality?
Take our quiz and find out.

1. What best describes where you live?
Very liveable and uncongested
On the edge
Near everything hip and happening
Has great school districts
2. What do you love most about your job?
Job security
Challenging and risky
Involves cutting edge technology and trends
Allows time for family
3. What best describes your everyday dress?
Comfortable, practical clothes
Athletic gear
A creative mix with a modern edge
Functional clothes that can withstand stains and stress
4. What kind of car do you drive?
Four-door sedan
Four-wheel drive
Compact, stylish car
5. What do you value most in a meal?
Simplicity - standard American fare
Adventure - trying new cuisines and flavors
Creativity - cutting-edge flavors and presentations
Kid-friendly - meals that are basic and easily prepared
6. What are your favorite leisure activities?
Relaxing, quiet pastimes such as reading, taking long walks and fishing
Invigorating outdoor activities like hiking, white-water rafting and canoeing
New-age and trendy activities like kick-boxing, Web surfing and yoga
Family-oriented fun like attending Little League games, zoo outings and playing board games
7. Where do you most often get your news/information?
Local newspaper
Anything online
On the radio between errands
8. What most closely resembles your ideal vacation?
Road trip with the family to Mt. Rushmore or Washington, D.C.
Rock-climbing in Nepal
Sitting in a Parisian caf© with a cappuccino
9. Which best describes your eating style?
I eat three square meals a day
I tend to skip meals and grab something quick
I usually have one large meal per day - a late dinner
I graze - I eat several snacks throughout the day
10. Which dessert are you most likely to order from a menu?
Apple pie
Anything flamb©
A free-form pear tart topped with homemade vanilla ice cream and kumquat-cherry compote
Ice cream sundae with extra cherries
11.Which drink are you most likely to order at a party?
Beer or non-alcoholic beer
Scotch and water
Flavored martini or cranberry juice with a twist of lime
Wine or sparkling grape juice
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