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Creamy yellow interior with a thin, edible crust
Mild to pungent, with mushroom undertones
Softens and flows when heated
It's almost impossible to capture all the nuances of Camembert in just one taste. The first taste might reveal a mild, slightly salty buttery flavor. Another might uncover Camembert's underlying flavors of mushrooms, garlic or nuts. So give in to temptation, and keep eating - it's the only way to fully appreciate this beautiful cheese.

Camembert's mild to pungent taste goes well with melons, grapes, sweet berries and sun-dried tomatoes. Its soft, creamy, interior and thin, edible crust are ideal for spreading onto croissants and crackers. Serve Camembert warm, and you've got a delicious, soft cheese spread that's perfect for entertaining.

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Champagne, red wines and apple cider | Melons, grapes, sweet berries, sun-dried tomatoes | Croissants
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There are several stories regarding the origins of Camembert. Most of them involve a woman named Marie Harel who, according to the legend, invented Camembert in a Norman farm in 1791. But other records indicate that Camembert existed long before Harel was even born. One indisputable fact about Camembert, however, is that its worldwide distribution began with the invention of a man named Ridel in 1890. Ridel created the wafer-thin wooden box that protects the delicate Camembert and enables it to be transported safely.
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