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Types of Cheese
Cheese, along with milk and yogurt, provides a unique combination of nutrients that, studies show, offers many health benefits including improving bone health, reducing high blood pressure and managing weight. Learn more about the many health benefits of cheese.
Dairy & Weight Loss
Research indicates that enjoying 3-A-Day™ of Dairy ? 3 servings of milk, cheese or yogurt each day ? as part of a reduced-calorie weight loss plan can help adults achieve better results, when it comes to trimming the waistline, than just cutting calories and consuming little or no dairy.
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Dairy & Stronger Bones
Encouraging your family to eat 3-A-Day of Dairy is a deliciously easy way to help build stronger bones and healthier bodies. With essential nutrients such as calcium and protein ? dairy foods, including cheese ? pack a powerful nutrient punch!
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Lowdown on Lactose
Lactose intolerance doesn't mean dairy avoidance. Most people can comfortably enjoy the taste and health benefits of dairy foods. In fact, aged cheeses like Cheddar and Swiss are naturally low in lactose.
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